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Our vision is to lead Canada's cannabis retail landscape and empower independent retailers with value added programs.  Our overriding principle is to preserve your autonomy. This is more than a program; it's a journey towards your success.

The Story of Seeker

Who are we:

Canada's Premier Cannabis Retail Partner. Empowering independent retailers with proven strengths, collaborations, and industry partnerships. 

What we offer:

We curate a menu of programs and services that retailers can select from to optimize business performance.  This includes:


- A best-in-class Data Program, created in collaboration with our licensed producer and brand partners

- A Store Operations Program, designed to deliver value added services and programs at discounted rates. Members can select from a list of partners that deliver services/programs for POS, payment processing, health benefit plans, in-store digital displays, visual marketing and much more

 Discover the full scope of our vision, mission, and guiding principles.




Seeker enhances independent cannabis retailer success in Canada through its value-added programs and services. Our scale ensures success for every partnering retailer throughout the entire value chain. 

Autonomy – your independence is paramount to program success.  You are the key decision maker.  

Integrity – we are committed to “doing the right thing”

Innovation – we are committed to continuing to develop our services and programs to drive enhanced value creation over the long term.

Collaboration – together we can make a difference

Seeker aims to be Canada's top retail banner program for independent cannabis businesses. We create value through scale, empowering retailers to succeed in a competitive market. Our strong reputation makes us the go-to partner for cannabis businesses.

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